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MANKAN TE website?
mainly photos from Mopti region
- Mopti and Sévaré everyday life
- Harbour and markets
- twice on the river
- Dogon landscape
- Dogon festivities
- Djenné
- People
- Animals
- handicraft
- Overhead photos from Dogon Country
language: english

Introduction Mopti
- text with a lot of information
- some photos
Language: French

Introduction Djenné
- text with a lot of information
- several photos
Language: French

Dogon Country
Introduction Dogon Country
- text with a lot of information
- several photos
Language: French

Individual journeys
An new agency on new runways
- combination of short trips (1-7 days)
- new circuits
- some pictures
Language: Pictograms and French,
English under construction

Mopti Info
Information about Mopti
Venice of Mali
- General Information
- Culture
- Business
Language: French

Les Forgerons Dogon
Dogon Blacksmiths

-a diappeared tecnologie
Language: English and French

the Center
the North
-Guide to the regions
-Description of towns
-and several photos
Language: French

Mali Photo Gallery
several photos of
- the river (18)
- Djenne (16)
- Timbuktu (20)
- the people (23)
- Dogon (13)
Language: English

Mask Dances
Mask dances
- photos
- short text with explications
Language: English

A travel-agency presents photos of
- Mopti
- Timbuktu
- Bandiagara
- Dogon
- mask dances
- Niger River
Language: English

Hombori region
- but not for alpinistes only
- several photos
Language: French

The weather in Mali

current weather
- forecast, history and other informations
- Temperatures in °C and Fahrenheit
Language: English

4 good photos
- no text
Language: German

a short introduction
with a high quality photo of the blossom
Language: English

text with a lot of information
and several photos
Language: English

Malian history (short)
Language: French

Development of democracy
(until 1997)
Language: German

Die Demokratie der Armen
ein Artikel aus "Die Zeit"
Language: German

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
in Mali

FES-activities in Mali
several interesting articles
Language: German and English

books, books, books
a really long list
Language: German and English

National Center for the Promotion of Artisanat
Artisanat of Mali
-recycled metals
-leather goods
Language: English

Ministry of handicraft and tourisme
- fauna and flora
- history
- geography
- population
- economy
- climate
- art and culture
Language: French

Transafrika - MALI
- Information - african countries
- Nationalparks
- Climate
- Religions
- Ethnies and
- interesting cities - Djenné and Timbuktu
under construction
Language: German

GPS coordinates for Mali
- GPS coordinates
- and further information
under construction
add and help other tourists
Language: English

traveller's diary Mali
a water-colour diary
Language: french

part Mali
Travelexperience of Saskia and Morton
from the Netherlands to Southafrica
- Mali deel 3 Bamako, Segou, Djenné, Mopti
- Mali deel 4 Sévaré, Sangha, Youga, Sangha
- Mali deel 5 Sangha, Falaise, Koro
Language: Dutch