For having a pleasant stay and to avoid any disappointment whatever, contact the tourist office
Office Malien du Tourisme et de l'Hôtellerie OMATHO
in Mopti on the riverside only a few meters from the Gouvernorat ('Haut Commissariat').

Tel/Fax 21 43 05 06, cell: 76 38 65 40, 44 38 28 93
BP: 17 Mopti
Director M. Moctar Bâ

Opening hours from Monday to Thursday 7.30am-4pm, Friday 7.30am-4.30pm

  how to get a VISA or an extension of a VISA

  mainly in french

Since 2005 tourist guides need an official card
"Carte Professionelle"

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Mission Culturelle        
de Bandiagara        

Information Dogon Country
For events and museums in Bandiagara county (Cercle de Bandiagara)
Museums in Soroli, Nombori and Endé
phone 00 223 21 44 22 63 or ask on the spot

At Sévaré and Mopti:
There are a lot of banks now with differn offers
       Change of € and $ is possible as well as
       Traveller's Cheques American Express on € and $
       and Transfer "Western Union" and "moneygram"

1 € after having changed = 640-650 Fcfa


Most of the Banks close on Friday at 11 o'clock for the weekend but severals open on Saturday morning

  Bills and Coins.   That's what they look like

Sévaré and Mopti
Post office hours monday to friday 8 o'clock to 16 o'clock with a break from 12.30 to 1 o'clock
letters and post cards
Mali 195 Fcfa
Europe 395 Fcfa
USA 405 Fcfa

All Malian towns are connected to Sotelma phone net and almost all of them are connected to at least one mobile phone provider. SIM cards from Malitel and orange are not expensive. Both use the international net.

Since November 1st phone numbers have eight digits:
Fix: 2* ** ** **, Mobile: 6* ** ** ** or 7* ** ** ** or ....

In case of health problems

In Mopti the Hospital Tel 21 43 04 41
is situated on the riverside direction of the Gouvernorat ('Haut Commissariat')
Malian and cubain doctors are working there.
Nearby you will find a private clinic - Clinique privée:
Dr Mahmadou Koné 76438018 and Dr. Jacouba 79011422
In Sévaré: only a few meters from MANKAN TE Restaurant is the
Cabinet Medical Kama Konaté. Dr. Camara 24/24 h, Tel 21 42 10 86.
In Sévaré are also several doctors,
who are working for international organisations.

In Bandiagara (63 km) are:
Centre Régional de Médecine Traditionnelle , Dr Pakuy Pierre Mounkoro Tel 21 44 20 06 and the
Centre de Santé de Référence Dr Bocar Sidiki Kouyaté
Tel: 21 44 20 48

In Mopti and Sévaré are a lot of pharmacies
of variing standarts. Urgent drugs can be
commended in Bamako and arrive in one day or two.

This is not the only way of transport

Airplane: AIR MALI offers more or less regular transports
between Bamako, Sévaré (Mopti) and Timbuktu.

Bamako - Sévaré      Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Sévaré - Timbuktu     Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Timbuktu - Sévaré     Thursday,Friday and Sunday
Sévaré - Bamako      Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Each flight costs about 50000 to 65000 Fcfa
For further information contact (French language only)
MAE  M. Oumar Baby Handy 66 79 49 79
AIR MALI:  M. Thierno Nassr Handy 76 31 74 01
Airport (l'aéroport) 21 42 05 70 (not always available) and
M Doucouré Handy 66 79 48 36
Bamako 20222424
At STA (BAMAKO) you can hire an airplane for flights in Mali or West Africa……  

Attention: Try do avoid travelling at nighttime.

Several private companies offer transport
from Bamako, Ségou or Gao to Sévaré (Gare routière, see town map of Sévaré) and Mopti.
Djenné is not connected by bus.
Prices are slightly different and vary between about 5000Fcfa (Ségou) and about 9000Fcfa (Bamako).
If you are lucky, you can get out of the bus
in the hotel and restaurant area, but you should talk about it before the departure (luggage)

town map of Sévaré

For to go to Burkina Faso take the bus in Mopti
(Gare Bobo sur la digue)

Hired car (Voiture en location):
It is the best way of transport
when you want to travel individual and comfortable, but of course it's somewhat expensive.
The cars vary between " ready to push" and "luxury"
with daily rates between 25000Fcfa for an old Taxi
and 70000Fcfa (4x4 de luxe) gas oil excluded.
Look for a nice car, negotiate and appreciate! specially for to go to Djenné and Hombori.

La Bâchée:
The less expensive way of transport. Beware of breakdowns. A real adventure!
Taxi brousse:
Up to nine persons in one car, which leaves when overloaded.

La pinasse
public from Mopti.
Ask for information in the harbour of Mopti.
La pinasse louée private pinasse to negotiate in the harbour
La pirogue à la perche without motor for promenades on the river
Le bateau
Former europeen ferryboats with a few cabins transport people and goods about once a week between Mopti, Timbuktu and Gao
from August to beginning of January.
 price example for season 2011
     Mopti - Timbuktu/Kabara:
 de Luxe-------95500 Fcfa
     1st Class-----51500 Fcfa
     2nd Class----36500 Fcfa
     3rd Class---- 21500 Fcfa
     4th Class-------5050 Fcfa
Departures 2011
Every Thursday up to November 17 or 24, the rest will be fixed in November, probably every 10 days up to end of December
Contact COMANAV on the riverside Tel: 21 43 00 06 or
M. Diakité 76 15 02 80

Transport between Sévaré and Mopti (
13 km) is offered in bâchée, taxi or taxi brousse, a little adventure, which you should not miss!
(about 300Fcfa - about 3500Fcfa for a personal taxi).
'La place de taxis' is situated near the Post Office (direction Mopti).

Attention: You never should ask: How far is it.
Ask for the time it needs.
Even with this information, you cannot avoid surprises.
Transport will get better in the next years, inshallah!
They are working on it.

  Storks in Sévaré   (Photos taken end of August)


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