The Dogon country


Rock near Sévarè on the entrance to the Dogon Country

Falaise unterhalb Niongono
The escarpement below Niongoro

Blick in die Gondo-Ebene
View from the escarpment over the plain of Gondo       

Blick in die Gondo-Ebene
Granaries on the cliffs of the escarpement in Téli

Fascinating architecture in the Falaise de Bandiagara


Dogon court

Every 5th day is market-day


Schemel Kochstelle
            On stools like this one....................women sit while preparing the meals.

Mittags wird der Schatten klein

At noon shadow is rare

Baobab Baum
The Baobab, one of the most useful trees
in the Sahel (Adansonia digitata)


The Toguna, meeting place for men only.

Kultstätte, Hogon bei Sangha
Sacred place in Sangha

  Dance of masks   here                 


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